Make A Difference Through Child Youth Services

Volunteering for one of our community  programs in British Columbia can make a huge difference to children’s healthy development. 

Afternoon Adventures afterschool program for children and youth within Chilliwack, BC. Supported by CCS, City Life Church and local churches and schools. These kids get to enjoy free child care, snacks and fun activities to grow, learn and thrive. Kids Program, Hang Out Program, Volunteer with us.
Afternoon Adventures afterschool program for children and youth within Chilliwack, BC. Supported by CCS, City Life Church and local churches and schools. These kids get to enjoy free child care, snacks and fun activities to grow, learn and thrive. Kids Program, Hang Out Program, Volunteer with us.

Volunteer For Afternoon Adventures

If you’re curious about volunteering for one of our programs, find out more about what that involves, and how you can make a difference to children’s lives. 

 If you’re someone with experience of working with children, you’ve got a current criminal record check, and you are able to build positive relationships with young people, why not volunteer with us as a weekly team member?   

Give back to the Chilliwack community by giving just 3 hours per week to assist our team leaders with an exciting range of after school program activities. Have fun, and help to build positive and lasting relationships with both staff and students.

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Reasons To Volunteer With Our Program

The reward is in the doing. Giving up a few hours of your time per week can make a massive difference to the children in our community.

Without our trusted team of volunteers, Afternoon Adventures just wouldn’t be possible. So by committing to weekly, monthly, or one-time volunteering, you can help provide high quality after school care for Chilliwack families who need it. 

What Are The Volunteer Roles?

There’s a number of ways you can support our program through volunteering. Choose your position based on interest, availability and passion.

Team Member

You’ll support the team leader and encourage active student participation during the
program time.

Junior Leader

You’ll oversee a table group at snack time, encourage participation, and model the school’s code of conduct.

Prayer Partner

You’ll communicate with the team leader about prayer requests and praise reports, and commit to pray for all.

Snack Facilitator

For between 1 or 2 hours per week, you’ll recruit volunteers to provide nutritious snacks for program students.

Snack Provider

As part of an ongoing rota, you’ll provide a nutritious snack for students on one of our after school programs. 

Workshop Leader

You’ll deliver a series of 1 or 2 hour activity-based workshop sessions to lead students through a particular skill.

Guest Volunteer

You’ll visit one of our programs to lead a 1 to 2 hour session about an interesting community role.

Volunteer With Afternoon Adventures

Applying is easy. Simply download and complete the application form, then email it
through to info@afternoonadventures.ca 

“This program is the true essence of communities coming together for our children. The community of volunteers who plan, organize, and share their gifts allows for learning and building relationships with supportive adults beyond the context of the classroom walls. Our students have opportunities to cook, craft, and create in a variety of ways with a caring group of people sharing their diverse gifts.”
– Lisa Wallace, Principal,  Robertson Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to become a volunteer?

Complete the online volunteer application form or email us at

How much time do I need to volunteer for your program?

This is up to you. We have volunteer opportunities that may only take a few hours a month, up to 3hours every week. Some roles are a longer term commitment, while others maybe a on a rotation basis. For example; if you are interested in being on the team working with the students, your commitment would be 3 hours every week (except holidays, stats and
pro-d-days), one afternoon a week.

Providing snacks for the program is a less involved and more flexible role. Depending on how much time you can commit, we have several volunteer positions to choose from.

In order to volunteer at the program I would need to take my children; - is that allowed?

We really appreciate your interest and understand that the time of the day to volunteer at our program can be challenging for volunteers with younger children and/or- school aged kids. However, we do not allow volunteers’ children to come along as we need each volunteer’s full attention and support for the students in the program. May we suggest to check all our volunteer roles to see if there is an opportunity that better suits your schedule in this season? 

Do I need certain qualifications to volunteer at your program?

Depending on the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, we look at your personal skills, interest, reliability, enthusiasm, and a desire to make a difference, - more so than at academic qualifications. 

Are there any requirements to volunteer at your program?

All volunteer positions require the completion of the volunteer application form. Depending on which volunteer opportunity you consider getting involved in, you may have to submit a criminal record check, have a current Food Safety level 1, and/or have a current basic First Aid certificate. Our program covers the cost should you be asked to take one of these courses.

Do you provide training?

How much training you need will depend on the volunteer role. If you are working with the students,  we offer hands on training, debriefing and teaching times as well as some professional training applicable to working with  vulnerable kids. Any kind of training provided will always be free of cost to you.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Adult age. From young adult to senior there is a spot for you on the team. We also offer work experiment opportunities for students/ junior leaders, grade 7 and up. Depending on what volunteer position you are interested, please consider that hands-on working with the kids may require different energy level than preparing crafts for the program.

Special Events

Planned in collaboration with program leaders, facilitating church and school administrators,
these annual events are an optional extra for students and families who wish to take part.

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